Deborah Cardinal Rhyason

As an Indigenous person I’ve always been deeply connected to the land and the creatures that are part of the great web of life surrounding us. Recently my dreams have been of the bright and energetic spirits on wing and I have been driven to try to capture their energy and life force. There is great power in little souls, the inter-connectedness of all life in their eyes.

Bishops University Fine Arts, Drawing, Photography
Sheridan College School of Craft & Design, Glass Studio, Photography
Alberta College of Art, Printing, Etching, Sculpting, Drawing, Photography

Selected Exhibitions

2010 - XC Art Restoration.2009 - In 2 Art Gallery. 2008 - Oakville Art Society. 1990 Galerie Elena Lee Verre D'Art, Montreal, Solo Exhibition *. 1994 Clay, Glass & Enamel Gallery, Waterloo Ontario Invitational * Gallery One, Toronto *. 1996 Ontario Craft Council Gallery, Toronto "Makers & Mentors *. 1994 - Scent Bottles, Canada & U.S.A., "Image Series" **. 1989 A Show of Hands, Toronto, Group Show, Shelly Tadaman Gallery, Winnipeg, Group Show. The Koffler Gallery, Toronto, "On the & Off the Wall" *. Lynda Greenberg Gallery, Ottawa, Group Show.

The Glass Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland, "Ten Canadians" * * With Sheila Mahut-Glat ** With Michael Trimpol